Guy Plays Detailed, Expensive, Mind-Bending Prank On Drunk Housemate

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We’ve all played a joke on a roommate or friend, but nothing compares to this fiendish prank.

Two housemates had been involved in an ongoing prank war, which has seen them locked in a prank arms-race each trying to out-do the other’s latest jape. However, the most recent in the epic war was so mind-bogglingly good that the victim took to Reddit to tell everyone just how great it had been.

He posted on the subreddit r/TIFU:

This prank war has been perfect. Nothing has been seriously damaged and there are no injuries so far.

He confessed that his last prank had been a little mean, he’d left a mousetrap in his roommate’s protein powder, so he was expecting a revenge prank, but he couldn’t have predicted what the roommate would actually do.

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Here’s how the victim described it:

So last night I drank too much. I work at a bar, so Sunday and Monday nights I go out because I work every other night of the week. My roommate knows this. I went out. I don’t remember getting home.

As my eyes opened, I thought ‘oh…these aren’t my sheets. That is not my dresser. OH SHIT I SLEPT WITH SOMEONE’ (I have a girlfriend whom I admire). I quietly checked to see if there was another human in the bed with me, to see if I needed to sneak out ninja-like or if I could just run, and thankfully there wasn’t. I sprung out of bed and grabbed my phone out of my pants to call my roommate and noticed my desk. It was my stuff… But not my desk.

His roommate had spent his own money and bought shitty Ikea furniture, completely rearranged the room, including the sheets to make him believe in his drunk-hungover state that he’d slept in someone else’s room. Genius.

Redditors decided that the war had been won.

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Others eagerly anticipated the counter move.

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Although one pointed out the flatmate’s obvious mistake.

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Meanwhile the victim says that the prank war has only just begun…