Guy Posts Hilarious X-Rated Dad Joke From His Family Group Chat


Family group chats are a minefield of auto-correct awkwardness and misinterpreted emojis.

While most accidental errors can be overlooked and swept under the rug of family embarrassment, one young man is going to find it hard to let this one slide.

Kyle Hendry, a 19-year-old from Fife, expected an inane conversation about the weather when his mum and dad turned the heat up a bit on the Hendry family iMessage.

As the nation took shelter from storm Doris, Kyle was dealing with his own mental turmoil after he became privy to his dad’s bad dick joke.

Kyle’s dad asked his mum how deep the snow was falling. His mum answered ‘About 3-4 inches’ prompting the quick-witted head of the Hendry household to ask: ‘What about the snow?’

After posting the screen grab to Twitter, the subsequent social media storm was more welcome – because that’s the world we live in now and viral content can apparently erase the emotional scars from whence they came.

Apparently storms are a turn-on for some people, but there’s certainly a time and place to air those feelings and I think we can all agree this was not one of them.

Kyle Hendry became privy to a family conversation that he probably wished he hadn’t read – but at least it sent him viral on Twitter.