Guy Puts On French Accent To Pick Up Girls With Interesting Results


It’s as if this guy casts a spell upon every woman around him…no one can resist his French accent, even though it’s fake!

Filmed by Youtube channel Whatever, the guys decided to see how easy it was to get girls’ numbers with by charming them with the language of love.

It seems to work. Some women barely said anything to him and they were typing their numbers into his phone, agreeing to go out and party.

He even went up to some girls and asked ‘do you want to sleep with me tonight?’ and they just handed over their number.

French speaker Marc can come out with silly lines such as ‘Would you like to play with my croissant?’ and the girls just swoon at the accent.


He comes out at the end with nine numbers and had to make very little effort.

Get those GCSE books and baguettes out everyone!