Guy Puts Wedding Ring On His D*ck, Instantly Regrets It


I’ve heard the phrase ‘if you like it then you should of put a ring on it’ before, but this is just fucking ridiculous. 

An 18-year-old from China had to have a wedding ring surgically removed after getting it stuck on his penis. Ouch doesn’t even cover it.

The newlywed husband, from Liuzhou, had allegedly been begged by his wife to wear the ring as a show of devotion to her.

But he soon learnt that putting a wedding ring on your dick is definitely not the way forward in proving your love for someone.


According to news site Sohu, the man had the ring stuck on his penis for two days (NOPE) and as the pain became more unbearable, that’s when he finally called firefighters for help.

They first tried removing the ring at his home, but his penis had become too swollen at this point so he was then taken to hospital. This is where someone decided it’d be a genius idea to film the delicate operation. Because what is privacy anymore anyway?

You can watch his horrifying ordeal here:

When are guys gonna learn that putting rings on your dick just isn’t practical? It just doesn’t work people, lets move on.