Guy Responds To Road Rage Attacker By Driving Into Him

Road rage in IndiaNewsflare

Whether you’re a motorist or pedestrian we all suffer bouts of public rage, sometimes to the point of meltdown. It all boils down to how you handle a potentially volatile situation.

Going into road rage mode does funny things to people, it’s like when Bruce Banner turns into the Incredible Hulk, but instead of turning into a huge green rage monster you look like an irate spoiled child at Hamleys who’s been told no.

But in the angry person’s mind, they must think they’ve turned Super Saiyan and all that white-hot rage will enable them to put the fear of God into their antagoniser. I’m assuming this was what this individual was thinking when he decided to give a driver a piece of his mind.

Take this incident for example:

To say the streets of Calcutta, India, are a busy place would be an understatement. They make the roads of London look like a pleasant drive. So it should come as no surprise to see incredible moments of road rage like this case recorded in Chittaranjan Avenue, College Street.

While the cause of this particular conflict is unclear, it apparently started because the man in the black t-shirt’s car was damaged. He seemed intent on throwing fists with the man in the car – or at the very least having some kind of retribution. After all, car repairs aren’t cheap.

If I’m being honest, it doesn’t take much to induce road rage, even the most minor thing is enough to set-off someone’s ego on the road, particularly when it comes to trying to prove a point in front of your significant other.

With the driver refusing to leave his car, the man in the black t-shirt begins smacking the hood as a way of provoking the driver to get out. But he refuses to take the bait.

Road rage in IndiaNewsflare

The man in the black continues to yell verbals at a rapid pace and throws gestures with his hands like he’s being recorded for a budget grime video. At one point he even tries to lift the car off the ground, before realising it was a feeble attempt, and he was…well, trying to lift up a car.

At one point, the woman he’s with attempts to get him away from the situation, but his ego just won’t let it go. He even has an attempt at ripping off the driver’s windscreen wiper.

According to the person who recorded the footage:

The driver who is inside the car damaged the angry man’s car, and the driver was not ready to pay for the damage caused by him.

Things come to a head when the driver, who’s clearly had enough of the torrent of abuse and banging on his car decides to drive off. As the man in the black t-shirt goes over to the driver’s side, he sees the opportune time to accelerate the hell out of dodge.

As he drives off, the man in the black t-shirt momentarily ends up on the bonnet before falling off unscathed and trying to chase after the driver.

The unnamed filmer said the incident left him ‘speechless’.

I’m assuming exchanging insurance details was out of the question…

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