Guy Royally F*cks Up Asking Co-Worker For Drink


An Australian Redditor’s admitted to making a colossal fuck-up when asking a female co-worker out for after work drinks.

In his Reddit post he tells how it got to finishing time when he and a few mates started talking about having a few cheeky beers after work. Not wanting to leave anyone out he turned to a female colleague to ask her if she was ‘game’.

However the poor bloke made a huge mistake. As he started to say, “do you want a quick one?”, his brain betrayed him and halfway through saying ‘quick’ he decided to change it to ‘sneaky.’ Mashing the two words together he managed to say: “Do you want a quic-ky?”

Thankfully his co-worker saw the funny side in her colleague’s promiscuous offer and laughed it off.

This is one flubbed line he probably won’t be living down for awhile.

Reddit reacted exactly how you’d expect.

They asked the most obvious question.

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Others thought there was something more going on.

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One guy could even sympathise.

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