Guy Running In Rain With No Shirt On Breaks The Internet

fb5ca5963d6fd2ae809450c62e727b0fWGN TV

A shirtless jogger known as ‘Ethan the Shirtless Wonder’ has become the latest sensation sweeping the world wide web.


The jogger, real name Ethan Renoe, went for a run in the rain when he ran into a local TV reporter, who was doing a segment on Chicago’s unusually warm December weather.

The reporter asked him ‘where’s your shirt?’ and the soaking wet Ethan replied: “It’s a great day for a run… and it’s too wet to wear a shirt.” Before casually adding: “I love running in the rain and I’m also single” while miming a phone.

JoggerWGN TV

When Ethan returned home, about 20 minutes later, the video had nearly 25,000 views online. A day later it’s been viewed over 1.8 million times and received over 20,000 likes and more than 12,000 shares on Facebook.

Watch the video below.

WGN caught up with Ethan the next day, who said he was surprised at how quickly the video took off.


“It’s really been crazy,” Ethan said. “I have about 900 friend requests (on Facebook) right now.” When asked if he was looking for love? Ethan replied: “I am.”

If the Facebook comments are anything to go by, Ethan won’t have to look to hard.