Guy Scares Sh*t Out Of Friends After Telling Them There’s Something Making Noise In Attic

by : Julia Banim on : 22 Apr 2020 11:57
Guy Scares Sh*t Out Of Friends After Telling Them There's Something Making Noise In Attic@DirRobSavage/Twitter

I don’t know about you, but whenever a character in a horror film starts investigating creepy noises in their spooky old attic, I end up peering through my fingers.

Whether it’s Paranormal Activity or Hereditary, I honestly can’t cope when a character starts rummaging around in the dark, completely oblivious to the fact they are existing within the realm of horror, with ghouls and demons lurking in shadowy corners.


Therefore, if ever I was on a Zoom call with a pal who was about to go check out some scratching noises in his attic, I would hang up immediately and probably go and hide under my covers.

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Of course, being friends with a horror movie director should come with a hazard warning, as those acquainted with Rob Savage know all too well.

‘Huge horror fan’ Rob, who has previously directed Salt and Dawn of the Deaf, had been working on a couple of horror films that ended up getting shut down because of the outbreak.


However, all those creative juices had to go somewhere, so Rob decided to ‘find a way to adapt’ – using his unwitting friends as his audience.

Keeping an admirably straight face, Rob managed to pull a prank that left them leaping from their seats in terror. And, no spoilers, it’s a clip that’s honestly impossible to watch without jumping out of your skin.

Check out this incredible prank for yourself below:



Speaking with UNILAD, Rob explained he’d been more sociable during the outbreak than he’d ever been, with he and his friends ‘constantly’ WhatsApping and hopping on Zoom for ‘happy hour hangouts’.

Rob added:

Nobody has ever played a prank like this before, but I knew that I had a very jumpy and gullible bunch of friends from years of knowing them.

The idea for this particular prank came after Rob discovered a chocolate bar wrapper that he hadn’t seen before, and that ‘definitely’ hadn’t been there when he left the house.


After Rob told his mates about the wrapper, they started joking around about someone living in his attic, a room Rob had – interestingly enough for a horror buff – never taken a look at. Little did they know that they were setting themselves up for a hair-raising prank.

Attic prank@DirRobSavage/Twitter

Rob told UNILAD:

This went on for months and I was too scared to go up there, and then when lockdown happened I knew that I’d have to check or else I’d be living in fear the whole time. So I told my friends that they had to come with me via Zoom as I explored.

I had proper stage fright when we started the call. There’s a sneaky changeover that I had to do to transition from live footage to the pre-recorded scare that I was sure I’d mess up!


Perhaps unsurprisingly, Rob isn’t sure that his friends have fully forgiven him yet, and he reckons his friend Jemma [wearing the white hoodie] would have ‘definitely have punched me if she could have’.

Speaking about their immediate reaction, Rob continued:

I gave it about 30 seconds before I revealed that it was a prank – their reactions went from laughter to silence to concern in a matter of seconds!

I did a test run on my long-suffering girlfriend Kate and she almost had a heart attack. She was about to call the police until I jumped up and stopped her!

The group of friends are going have to work pretty hard to get their own back on Rob after this one.

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