Guy Sends Mum ‘Innocent’ Photo Of Girlfriend, It Backfires Massively


This guy got himself into a pretty ropey situation when he took a photo of his girlfriend in bed and posted in on Twitter.

Maison Vallance, from Tennessee took a photo of his girlfriend and his mum got involved – and there was a bed – and some wrist ties.

It’s not what it sounds like, I promise…

22-year-old Vallance posted a photo of his new girlfriend Meghan, innocently lying in bed holding up a t-shirt his mum had got him, adorned with his surname.

It was taken and sent to his mum because she wanted to see the t-shirt, but Maison ended up posting it to Twitter because:

Meghan is too pretty not to post it.

The picture looked pretty innocent at first.

However, if you look closely behind Meghan’s head, there’s a red rope with wrist ties, all fastened to the headboard.

It didn’t take Maison long to realise he’d sent this unwittingly provocative photo to his mum.

As you can imagine, he was mortified!

Maison also revealed on the social media site how the hooks were $1.20 a piece and the rope was $15 for 100 feet.

He cut it in ‘1oft sections with one 30ft section’.

Luckily his mum didn’t seem to notice the rope, but he said he’ll tell her about the hilarious mistake.

He predicted she’d turna round and say: ‘What the hell is wrong with you?’.

Vallance said to Buzzfeed:

I think it will be funny and I’ll just say, OK, let’s forget about this now.

People had some pretty funny excuses to offer:

The ropes were a bit too vanilla for this Twitter user:

One commenter was pretty supportive, saying ‘congrats on the sex’:

Luckily, Maison and his mum have a very close relationship (clearly) or this faux pas could have left them ‘on the ropes’ – sorry, not sorry!

All I can say is, this is ‘knot’ good.