Guy Set For Biggest Tweet Ever All For His Love Of Chicken Nuggets

by : UNILAD on : 06 Apr 2017 00:31

This guy is aiming for a new Twitter record, all because he just can’t get enough of those tasty chicken nuggets.

Chicken nuggs are delicious by all accounts, but clearly Carter Wilkinson, from Reno, Nevada has a bit of an obsession with the little packets of slightly greasy goodness.


So much so, he decided to tweet burger joint Wendy’s about his desire to enjoy his favourite treat for free.

He wrote:

Yo Wendy’s how many retweets for a year of free chicken nuggets?


The chicken and burger shop, took him up on the challenge and said he would need the rather hefty amount of 18 million retweets, in order to earn himself that luxury.

Carter seemed satisfied with this response though and hit back with a confident reply.

He said:


Consider it done.

I don’t think Wendys were quite prepared for the support Carter had behind him, as thousands of people joined forces, which left him with a crazy quarter of a million retweets already.

Keen for him to succeed in his chicken nugget mission, Twitter users flocked to his side and shared his post calling other internet friends to do the same and ‘help a brother out.’


So widespread is the support for Carter, even a Go Fund Me had been set up in his name (nb. It’s a fake) and he even tried recruiting Ellen DeGeneres to help him on his crusade to nugdom.

He tweeted:


Even more people got on board then, sharing photos of him as if he’s on some sort of campaign, calling him a ‘Nugglord’ and using the hashtag #nuggsforcarter.


Someone even tweeted President Donald Trump asking him to ‘Make Carter great again.’

It seems Wendys have become a little unnerved by the success of Carter’s nuggs campaign and tweeted saying they were ‘keeping a close eye on the numbers.’

Essentially if Carter was to reach his goal, it would be roughly six times the most retweeted post in Twitter history,which would mean not only would he get a year’s supply of those lovely nuggs, but would also have smashed Twitter records.

He’s certainly earned himself a lot of Twitter attention and Wendy’s have been forced to admit his nugget game is strong.

The one man battle to win the right to free nuggs for a year rages on and Carter left them with some fighting talk, tweeting a pic of him chomping down on the fast food goodness.

He captioned it with:

Next time I eat these, they better be free.

This man loves his nuggs.

One quarter of a million of the way there, he’s got a long way to go but that doesn’t mean he can’t achieve the impossible…

The whole of Twitter’s behind you Carter, may you go forth and achieve your nugget dreams.

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