Guy Smashes Vending Machine To Steal Sex Doll

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 02 Sep 2018 21:08
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Vending machines can be frustrating things. If they’re not out of order they’re swallowing your small change and failing at their one job – delivering tasty treats.


You know how it is, you’ve made it through the morning and the mid-afternoon slump is looming. You head to the vending to a) have a little time away from your desk and b) get your Rolos.

Money in, code entered, the little spiral of silver metal starts turning. The chocolate is getting nearer and you start to feel slightly more positive about the looming afternoon.

Then, of course, the chocolate never falls. It gets stuck between the shelf and the glass, or caught on the spiral, or something so precise it seems as if vending machines could only have been designed like this on purpose, by some evil overlord with a vendetta against innocent people getting the snacks they want.


Then again, imagine you’re not just a mildly hungry office worker. Instead, you’re a horny man who has visited a vending machine in an effort to get an aid to relieve himself. Suddenly the word ‘frustration’ takes on a whole new meaning.

Well that’s what happened to this man from Yangjiang city in South China’s Guangdong province.

Footage shared from the 24-hour unmanned shop sex shows the man browsing the toys on offer when he finally picks out the ideal one.

Instead of paying for it, however, he decides to violently break the machine with a knife and take the toy.

At one point, he appears to give up after finding the task too difficult, but he musters up the strength to continue and breaks the plastic with a strong jab of his blade.

The man eventually rips the cover away and retrieves the sex doll before squatting down to stuff the toy’s lengthy locks of hair away into the plastic wrapping.

The owner of the sex shop says it is the third time his blowup dolls have been stolen.


Yangjiang police are understood to be investigating the case.

If you do decide to go down the less-human more-doll route when looking for love, don’t expect that to mean you can get it whenever you want, though.

A new innovation is currently being developed for sex robots to have the ability to say ‘no’ to unwanted human advances. Who is to thank for this new innovation? The credit would have to go to Spain’s Dr Sergi Santos – creator of the sexbot Samantha.

Dr Santos is working on a ‘dummy mode’ for an AI sex doll for when it encounters certain situations.

An example is if the doll’s sensors – underneath its skin – detects aggression or disrespect, it will instantaneously activate its dummy mode. Furthermore, Samantha will be unresponsive if it grows tired of her owner’s ‘attention’ – a bit like human relationships.

Samantha was demoed at the Life Science Centre in Newcastle earlier this year, where she demonstrated her ability to say ‘no’ to aggressive lovers.

Following the successful presentation, Samantha is expected to go into mass production, with a customer price tag of £3,600.

And they say you can’t put a price on love.

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