Guy Starts Fight With Cyclist, Karma Quickly Catches Up With Him


A Brutal video of the moment a man pushed a cyclist too far and got beat the fuck down has been released online. 

The footage, filmed on a phone, shows a short fight between a cyclist and a man in a white vest. The 19 second clip begins with the guy in the vest aggressively fronting up to the confused cyclist, putting his fists up as though spoiling for a fight, the Mirror reports.

The cyclist, who is wearing a blue shirt and rucksack, tries to back off at first clearly trying to talk the guy down.


Unfortunately the man in the vest is unwilling to back down, and pushes the cyclist one too many times, leaving him stunned when he’s suddenly  booted in the head.

The man’s legs instantly turn to jelly and he drops to the floor, landing flat on his back. The cyclist then casually picks up his bike while his unconscious attacker lies senseless on the ground.

We don’t know when or where the clip was filmed, but a person stood behind the camera can be heard swearing in German at the moment the man was knocked out.

The lesson here, don’t fuck with cyclists…