Guy Transports A Bee Colony By Carrying The Queen In His Fist

by : Saman Javed on : 28 Jan 2021 11:11
Guy Transports A Bee Colony By Carrying The Queen In His FistDaniirodman/TikTok

A beekeeper has been filmed transporting a colony by carrying the queen in his fist.

The shocking video, which does not make for comfortable viewing, shows him walking along the street as thousands of bees swarm his arm.


While the footage may have left us squirming, the man is completely unphased. As one user on Reddit put it: ‘He looks like he’s on his way to deliver one helluva Mortal Kombat finisher’.

Taken in the Dominican Republic, the cameraman asks the beekeeper why he doesn’t get stung by the bees, to which the man simply replies: ‘They know their owner’.


He also asks whether the bees produce honey on him. The man says ‘No, I’m going to put them in a box now.’

‘And do you have the queen on your hand? Because they are where their queen is,’ the cameraman continues.

‘Yes. I have it in my fist,’ the beekeeper confirms.


Like myself, many Reddit users were confused as to why the man would move bees in this way. Thankfully, some users have cleared up some of our questions.

‘Bees ‘swarm’ when there’s a new queen and a chunk of the previous colony breaks off to start a new hive. At this point, the bee swarm looks absolutely scary but it’s the most docile ever because it’s only looking for a new home while protecting the queen. Since the queen, in this case, doesn’t feel threatened and isn’t being harmed, the rest of the swarm just follows along,’ one person explained.

The next question, therefore, is how do all these bees understand that the queen is a) inside his fist and b) is not being harmed?

‘Why would they not sting the sh*t out of this guy as I’m sure they get that he’s got hold of the queen and is taking her somewhere. Or do they view his fist as the queens home and it just happens to be a mobile home? Also, I thought more would be flying around him rather just sitting on his arm,’ a user asked.


The answer: pheromones.

‘They can smell the queen through and on his fist. If she was in danger, she’d give off a scent that screams ‘HELP AM THREATEN’, but she’s not. She’s probably giving off more a ‘well this is odd, but I am snug and secure atm so….’ so her drones are just ‘we go on advencha!’,’ someone replied.

Research into the behaviour of honeybees has shown that pheromones represent one of the most advanced ways of communication among social insects.


The Queen mandibular pheromone (QMP), which like the name suggests is emitted by the queen, is considered one of the most important sets of pheromones in the beehive. QMP affects social behaviour, maintenance of the hive, swarming (as in this case) and mating behaviour.

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    Guy transports a bees colony by carrying the queen is his fist; the rest of the bees crowd around where their queen is.