Guy Tries Cooking Using A Period Simulator And The Results Are Hilarious

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Guy Tries Cooking Using A Period Simulator And The Results Are Hilarious@dariuscovington77/TikTok

A TikToker put on a period simulator while trying to cook… and it didn’t end well.

Darius Covington (@dariuscovington77) sought out to answer a question guys will never be able to fully comprehend: just how painful is it for women going through their periods?


Similarly to other men who’ve tried a labour pain simulator to gain even the vaguest idea of the sort of agony women have to endure, this TikToker strapped on a period simulator while making some eggs. The results weren’t great for him, but they’re also hilarious for those watching.

Firstly, labour pain and period simulators are pretty much the exact same thing. They’re known as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) machines, originally designed to relieve pain. However, when you play about with the settings, you can induce some pretty debilitating pain.


Darius set the menstrual simulator to level three at first, and immediately struggled as he tried to crack an egg. However, bowing to the pressure, he went to level five – and eventually hit the floor.

It turns out he’s tried it before, even pushing it to level six with four pads on his upper and lower abdomen. As he yelped in pain, he asked: ‘So I’m sorry, y’all just live through this?’


In a later video, he gave it another go. ‘This is gonna be the last time, because I can’t do this no more,’ he warned, before screaming and exclaiming in agony.

In 2019, MTV tried the machines on both men and women, with one woman saying it gives you the ‘physical pain but not the emotional pain’.

Another said: ‘I definitely have more respect for what the boys went through now, but I have to say, it’s not at all comparable with a period. It’s very painful but in a completely different way.’ Then, another argued: ‘But I guess it’s probably the closest thing to them getting it.’

@dariuscovington77Reply to @yo_gurl_smiley I would just cut the lower half of my body off 😩😂😂😂 ##fyp ##foryoupage ##funny ##fail ##failarmy ##trending ##relatable

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Darius’s clips have racked up millions of views, receiving praise for trying to understand what women go through, even if it’s not quite the same. ‘Whoever raised you did it right. We appreciate you trying to understand and sympathise,’ one user wrote.

Another commented: ‘Level five, then manage walking around, working, and generally carrying on with life while feeling that. So fun!’ A third wrote: ‘The pausing… that’s real life too, sometimes I just be walking normal then bam it hits me pain shooting down a leg and I can barely stand.’

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Darius Covington/TikTok
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