Guy Who Had Near Death Experience Describes How He Left His Body After Crash

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 08 Apr 2021 12:14
Guy Who Had Near Death Experience Describes How He Left His Body After Crashl.p.maestre/TikTok

It’s long been wondered if people can actually have an out-of-body experience, and this guy seems to think so after claiming it happened to him.

Elpy Perez, known as @l.p.maestre on TikTok, had a car crash in which he went through the windshield of his father’s car due to not wearing a seatbelt.


As I’m sure you can imagine, Elpy was left with serious injuries and ‘shattered the entire right side of [his] face’, but before he woke up in hospital, he recalled walking around covered in blood near the scene of the accident.


Elpy recalled his experiences as part of a stitch asking TikTokers to tell everyone something about themselves that sounds false, but is 100% true.

In the video, which has since been liked nearly two million times, Elpy explained:


A few years ago my dad and I were driving down the highway when we slammed headfirst into an 18-wheeler. I wasn’t wearing a seatbelt so I flew through the windshield shattered the entire right side of my face. I’ve heard people say that they don’t remember their near death experiences but I remember very vividly getting up covered in blood trying to find my dad.

The TikToker continued, ‘He was nowhere to be found and I was standing in the middle of a couple of dozen of good Samaritans trying to figure out what happened, but none of them asked me if I was OK. They didn’t even look at me. I found out later that it was because they couldn’t see me.’

@l.p.maestre##stitch with @hashimoto_warrior NDE anybody?♬ original sound – Elpy Perez


Elpy goes on to explain that he suddenly felt an arm wrap around his shoulder, which guided him towards a van. A door of the van opened with a man inside who told him to ‘get in’, which out-of-body Elpy does.

The next thing he recalls is waking up in the hospital the next day, understandably very confused. He went on to spend 17 days in intensive care.

In a second part of the saga, Elpy tells his 173,000 TikTok followers about how he realised it was an out-of-body experience after chatting to his dad about it a couple of years after the accident.

He asked his dad where he was after the accident; Elpy’s dad’s response was one of the only times he’s seen his father ‘go pale in the face’.


Check it out:

Mind blown? You’re not alone.


In a third video, Elpy showed pictures of his X-rays where his awful injuries could be seen. He also showed photos of himself before and after the surgeries he had to restructure the bones in his face.

If you didn’t believe in out-of-body experiences before today, you probably do now…

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