Guy With ‘DEVAST8’ Tattoo On His Face Has Had Some Good News

Facebook / Mark Cropp

Just yesterday we brought to you the story of the ‘DEVAST8’d bloke from New Zealand who had a face tattoo and complained he couldn’t find work. Well the tides have changed.

Mark Cropp, the 19-year-old father who got the DEVAST8 face tattoo in prison to scare off other prisoners, has apparently been inundated with job offers after he went viral from a Facebook post where he begged for a job, reports Daily Mail.

In the post, Cropp claimed that his face tattoo was stopping him from finding a job anywhere and thus preventing him from changing his life around.

Facebook / Mark Cropp

The tattoo was carried out in prison with a straightened out bed-spring for a needle and burnt plastic and water as ink. As if it couldn’t get any worse the tat was executed after a few hours of drinking homebrew alcohol

But things are looking up for Mark as thus far he’s apparently been offered countless jobs in construction and scaffolding – and it doesn’t stop there.

Mark has also been offered laser surgery to remove his massively regretable tattoo which will begin as soon as next week.

Facebook / Mark Cropp

Speaking on the rapid change of events, Mark said:

I just wanted to get out of prison and work hard and do right by my family so I am really pleased about the job offers I’ve had.

Hopefully now Cropp can work towards changing his life for the better!