Guys Are Photographing Their Balls In Front Of Beautiful Landscapes

by : Emily Brown on : 29 Dec 2019 16:25
Official Nutscaping/Instagram

Just when you think you’ve seen pretty much everything social media has to offer, you stumble across a picture of a beautiful landscape featuring a hint of ballsack. 

The internet is both a brilliant and horrifying thing, so I’m not sure which category these kinds of pictures fall into, but either way the baffling trend has taken the online world by storm.


‘Nutscaping’, as it is so appropriately titled, can happen pretty much anywhere, whether it’s on top of a snowy mountain, looking out to sea or in the midst of a luscious green countryside. As long as there’s a nice background involved, you’re good to go.

However, I certainly wouldn’t recommend taking part in a busy place, because there’s a fine line between nutscaping and accidentally flashing strangers. That’s because a key part of nutscaping is the ‘nut’ element.

The photos are characterised by a looming presence in the form of balls. When faced with a nice landscape, men are dropping their pants and dangling their boys over the top of the camera, so the bottom of the ballsack forms a dark and occasionally very hairy circle over the top of the image.


The phenomenon has proved popular and an Instagram page titled ‘Official Nutscaping’ is dedicated to sharing some of the most majestic ball-covered landscapes out there.

A website for the trend offered instructions to advise those who are able to get involved, and luckily it’s very simple.

Check out the steps below:


1. Find yourself somewhere awesome

2. Turn your back to the awesome scene

3. Drop your pants

4. Bend over and shoot Nutscape through your legs

Despite the popularity of the trend, apparently the concept of nutscaping didn’t go down too well at first with Instagram bosses as the original Nutscaping account was deleted. However the determined creators didn’t give up and created a new account, explaining: ‘The Nutscaping Revolution will continue!’

The internet never fails to surprise, so I’m sure some other baffling new trend will give nutscaping a run for its money, though the phenomenon will definitely go down in history.


In the future, may we look back on this time and tell our grandkids about the days when people displayed their balls in pretty places. I’m not exactly sure how they’ll react, but it’s certainly an interesting story to tell.

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