Guy’s Attempt At Insurance Scam Massively Backfires

by : UNILAD on : 30 Jun 2018 06:08

This is the best video ever isn’t it? Absolutely everything about it is hilarious. 


Maybe not for the women who almost became the victim of insurance fraud but… you know what I mean. In fact, looking back, she probably finds the funny side of it because, well, it’s objectively funny.

Here we have dashcam footage of a British motorcyclist (questionable) who reverses back into a car behind him before dramatically throwing himself on the bonnet.

‘What the hell?’ the driver shouts. ‘You idiot!’

The woman confronts the young lad and his mate who is filming the incident for insurance fraud purposes, of course.


The pair berate the woman for ‘running’ over the lad only for her to mug them off by revealing her dashcam. ‘I’ve got a camera,’ she says. ‘Do you understand you are on video, you complete idiot?’

Dumbfounded, the two scarper off.

New to all this? You shouldn’t be. Insurance fraud is a serious and frequent business here in the UK.

MoneySuperMarket asked all 43 territorial UK police forces how many cases of motor insurance fraud had been recorded over the past ten years, breaking down the results by the type of offence.

In total there were only 1,087 cases of motor insurance fraud reported to forces over the past decade. The Association of British Insurers, meanwhile, recorded 68,000 cases of motor insurance fraud in 2016 alone.

The police force that recorded the highest number of cases of fraud was City of London Police with 746 cases, followed by West Yorkshire Police (10) and Derbyshire Police (53).


Kevin Pratt, consumer affairs expert at MoneySuperMarket, said:

Motor insurance fraud remains a big problem for drivers in the UK. Although we often hear from insurers about the impact that criminal activity has on car insurance prices, with £50 per policy being mentioned, these figures show that a surprisingly low amount of incidents are being reported to police forces.

This may be because, historically, so-called ‘white collar’ crime has been less of a priority for the police.

And in society in general, insurance companies are often seen as ‘fair game’, creating an impression that insurance fraud is a victimless crime. Whatever the reason, what police forces see is clearly the tip of the iceberg.

He added:

Ultimately, it’s honest motorists who foot the bill for fraudulent activity because false claims push up the price of annual premiums by around £50 per motorist.

With the average cost of a fully comprehensive policy currently sitting at £508 a year, now’s a good time to shop around and see if you could be getting a better deal.

If you haven’t switched for a while you could be in line for a substantial saving on your premium, potentially in the region of £280, so it’s worth the minor effort.

The moral of the story here guys and gals: always invest in a dashcam for your car. You never know when you’re gonna strike lucky with a piece of viral content that’ll bring a huge grin to my face.

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