Guys On Reddit Have Been Sharing What Makes Them Cry

by : UNILAD on : 08 Dec 2015 14:57

For anyone who has ever wondered what it is that makes guys cry, the guys at Reddit put the question to their entire community – and some of the results are actually surprising.


Near the top of the list is seeing your parents – particularly your dad – cry. According to DirkSchafer01, “Seeing your dad cry is one of the saddest things ever.”


It seems that mens’ emotions are often sparked by the emotions of loved ones, as one user shared, “Whenever my wife cries. It always has an effect on me, and I don’t want her to have to cry alone. It’s really sad for me.” Whilst for one user it was proposing to his girlfriend that did it, “I cried like a baby. She was in shock so much she didn’t cry till later that day.”

Another guy admits that before he had kids nothing made him cry but now:


Previously, nothing. I honestly am just a super detached, super jaded person. Now? My daughter. For me, having my daughter has wrecked my whole shit emotionally. I just look at her and think about all the terrible garbage out there that she will have to go through, and I cry. I’m telling you, having a daughter has made me the biggest baby ever.


Next in the tear-jerking league comes the death of a beloved pet:

He did end up (god I’m just breaking down typing this) passing out and he fucking let out his stupid snore he does when he is sleeping heavily. I just wish i got some more time with him to be able to let go easier. It was unbearably hard to let him go.


However, most guys were literally moved to tears, not by real life emotional stress, but by movies. The Rohan theme from Lord Of The Rings, the scene in Interstellar when they come back from Water World and Coop watches all of the video messages waiting for him, the end of Band of Brothers, and whenever a dog dies in a movie are all apparently enough to make grown men cry.

And of course, one thing that is a dead-cert to bring a tear to even the most cold, unemotional of eyes – getting kicked in the balls.

What makes you cry? Comments please!

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