Guy’s Promise To People ‘Offended By Xmas’ Backfires Massively


Ah the beauty of when bigotry is met with wit.

A self-proclaimed ‘Farageist’ (that’s not a joke) who’s Twitter name is @AnishUKIP (I wish that was a joke) is very serious about Britain being a ‘western Christian country’ which celebrates Christmas.

So serious in fact, that he selflessly volunteered his taxi services to any of those who are ‘offended by Christmas’, saying he would personally drive them to the airport, reports The Poke.

Of course Anish was being hyperbolic to show just how stern his statement was. I don’t think he was expecting to fall into a Twitter shit-storm which ripped him to shreds…


The hilarious people of Twitter decided to put Anish in his place, taking him up on his lift to the airport.

Anish’s tweets heavily backfired on him, with plenty of people owning up to being ‘offended by Christmas’ so they could hitch a ride with the ‘Patriotic Conservatarian’ (whatever that is).


Anish was inundated with taxi requests stating the dates and times they needed lifts…


This person even requested a minibus!


Comedian Bethany Black’s screenshots of the witty exchange have received over 24k likes and 17k retweets.

Unfortunately Anish ran away, I imagine with his tail in-between his legs, from the Twitter storm and didn’t reply to any of the requests.

Spoil sport.