Guys’ Terrifying Slip ‘N’ Slide Off Side Of 500ft Cliff


Some people are content with sitting at home, reading a good book and sipping some tea. Other people aren’t about that life though, they’re adrenaline junkies – always on the hunt for the next extreme buzz.

Devin Graham, who runs YouTube channel ‘devinsupertramp’, and his friends fall into the latter. If chasing the extreme buzz was a business Devin and his team would be in the Fortune 500.

Their latest stunt brings a whole new definition to the term ‘slip ‘n’ slide’.

Normally, you’d spot a slip ‘n’ slide in someone’s garden, or front yard, on a scorching hot day. Not a 500ft cliff. I guess Devin and his crew didn’t get the message.

For the first 20 seconds of the video, you’re there watching these guys prepare their slip ‘n’ slide at the edge of this really huge cliff. You’re there thinking to yourself ‘they can’t actually be serious, are they really going to slide off of this cliff?’. Of course they will! It’s the whole point of being an adrenaline junkie.

Claiming to be the world’s tallest slip ‘n’ slide, Devin and his friends give viewers at home a first-hand look at what’s at the end of it… nothing but the laws of gravity waiting to pull your arse back to Earth’s sweet and painful embrace.

And for three whole seconds you’re tricked into thinking Devin is about to have an intimate encounter with the ground – it’s at that point he pulls the ripcord and his parachute comes out. Yup, I straight up fell for it – shame on me.

In all honesty, I should’ve known they had a backup plan from the start as it turns out the stunt was part of a marketing campaign.

Imagine if they got this guy to lead up their campaign:

In October 2017, we had one of those ‘Why did you do it?’ stories, where a man took a running jump off of a 50-foot cliff.

Only for him to completely mess it up and miss his intended target – the ocean, there’s literally plenty of it in abundance.

Instead, he had his badly damaged – but most likely intact – body, connecting with a passing boat. The chances are practically one-in-a-million. The poor guy in question had to be the unluckiest person in the world at the time.

Why do people do these dangerous stunts? Is it for the Gram? If it is, I hope the likes and comments were worth it because I can’t imagine the pain he was in at the time.

According to Instagram commentator @mrvn_wgt, the ‘lucky b*stard only broke his arm…’, while @naythanstagram reckons the unknown cliff jumper had ‘to be approaching terminal velocity’ as he fell onto the oncoming boat.

Believe it or not, people don’t just cliff jump for the holy grail of banter and engagement on social media, it’s also a recognised sport.

When I say ‘recognised’, I imagine there’s a league full of college frat boys who all try and convince you to drink ludicrous amounts of alcohol, so you can join their ‘inclusive’ club, where they tell you the hacky sack is also a sport.

But, cliff jumping is a proper sport. Wikipedia – the source of all ‘legitimate and accurate information’ – describes it as such, and ‘when done without equipment’ it’s also known as ‘tombstoning’.

Surely the Undertaker would have something to say about that?

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