Harry Potter Fans Keep Making This Guy Weird Offers Because He Looks Like Daniel Radcliffe


Daniel Radcliffe has been compared to loads of regular Joes over the years but this guy from Russia looks so much like Harry Potter, it’s kind of freaky.

The Siberian Times revealed they’d found a Daniel Radcliffe twin so uncannily similar to the real deal, it’s been driving women crazy.

Russian Nikolay Posled, a shelf-stacker from Krasnoyarsk, is in reality very different to the Harry Potter star, but looks so similar, women having being asking him to father their kids. Little bit creepy if you ask me.

He said:

There are girls. They ask me if they can have a child from me.

They’re obviously Harry Potter fans.

All this is very funny, but I still do not quite understand what’s going on. For me, it’s all so new.
Specifically, that everyone suddenly needs something from me.


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Unfortunately for all the hopeful would-be mothers out there, hoping to grab a piece of Nikolay’s DNA, he has a girlfriend, although that doesn’t seem to deter his persistent fans.

The Daniel Radcliffe doppelganger apparently also has some pretty creepy messages from those who clearly feel threatened by his Harry Potter likeness.

He explained some ‘threaten me, like promise to kill’ or ‘write rubbish,’ which seems pretty disturbing and a little over the top.


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According to Daniel’s ‘twin’,his lookalike status all started kicking off when he got glasses five years ago and then people really started freaking out and asking him to pose for pics.

Nikolay doesn’t seem to be a huge fan of all of the unwanted and unprovoked attention and makes it clear he never set out to actually impersonate the actor.

He continued:

Until the media gave me publicity, it did not interfere in my life in any way.

‘Now I feel uncomfortable. I’m not an actor and I did nothing outstanding.


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Quite weird he is constantly hounded by women wanting his children too.

If you gave him a scar and a wand, he’d pretty much be Harry Potter though, so perhaps it’s an easy mistake to make.