Has Derek Acorah FINALLY Got Proof Of A Ghost On Camera?



Derek Acorah has been trying to prove that ghosts exist for years, has he finally managed to capture one on camera?

The scouser that lives his entire life in nightvision was filming at Tutbury Castle for his latest TV show – The Past Hunters.

Joined by professional ghost hunters, Derek was investigating the castle, as there have been claims for years that it’s haunted.

In the footage, a ‘shadow’ can be seen against a wall, that then appears to move.

Creepy, but is it definitive proof?

Bex Palmer thinks so. She is the co-director of The Past Hunters, and it was her that spotted the ghostly shadow while her husband was setting up some recording equipment, and Derek was ‘assessing the energy’ of the castle.

Can you see the ghost?

She said:

It was so scary. I am quite tough on investigations but I was terrified because it seemed as though it was coming towards us.

There was a real sense of unease that Derek had been picking up on since we got there.

The curator Lesley Smith mentioned a shadowy figure later on and when we told her what we’d seen, it completely matched up.

She was just as excited as us that we’d captured it on camera – we couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks afterwards.

There is rumoured to be a ‘gatekeeper’ haunting the castle, as well as Mary Queen Of Scots, who was held there by Queen Elizabeth I on several occasions.


Bex continued:

It felt really eerie and intense and Derek could tell very quickly that someone was nearby, moving around the rooms with us.

We then began to record the introduction to the episode but were drowned out by tapping, banging and footsteps. They came from out of nowhere and we knew we were the only people in the castle at the time. It was just us and our two crew members in the room. We tried to find the source of the noise but it quickly went deathly quiet.

I’ve seen a lot of things but I still react the same way every time – I clutched onto him, petrified.

The figure stood there for a while, made its way across the room as though it was coming towards us and we then lost sight of it.

To be sure that what we’d seen wasn’t a shadow from one of the team, the cameraman swooped around the room with the camera to check no-one else was there.

We normally like to try and debunk things that we see because we still sit on the fence when it comes to ghosts, but we don’t think there’s any other explanation for what we saw.

So, here’s the footage for you to make your own mind up:

It’s a bit weird, to be fair. But I’m not sold. I’m a sceptic anyway, so it’s going to take a LOT to convince me. More than a shadow on a wall on a TV show that could very easily be doctored, and a fella that pretends to be possessed, and once shouted “MARY LOVES DICK” on camera.

Do you think it’s really a ghost?