Heartbreaking Footage Shows Raccoon Mourning Over Dead Body Of Ran Over Friend

by : UNILAD on : 28 Aug 2018 00:49
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What do humans have in common with raccoons? The ability to mourn the dead no less.

Footage has emerged of the animal beside itself in agony as it stands by the newly-deceased body of its companion.

It’s not know how the critter met its fate, and how much of the incident the other one saw but it seems pretty bleak.


A car can be seen mobile in front of the body, which shows no signs of hope much to the detriment of the raccoon eye-witness.

A narrator guides us through the emotional scene:

He says:


That’s a f***ing possum, one of them got hit. He ain’t moving bro. Like he just sitting there. I guess his girlfriend – oh he praying. He praying.

The animal then falls back in despair, possibly unable to hold itself in the vertical as the horrific reality unfolds.

During what seems a faultless summer’s day in America, a dark cloud casts itself over the possum as it lay in grief.


He continues:

Oh, what the f**k? Come on y’all. What the f**k is going on bro? I guess his girlfriend got hit or whatever, or whoever that is that got hit by the car… and then he just fell out crying.

Boy life is real the – life is real out here. This is crazy. You won’t see no s**t like this. A God damn possum. A f***ing possum. This is crazy y’all. Look at it going trying to go get her up – you see this? He trying to go get her up.

Oh my God he tryna get her up. This is so sad, yo I’m gonna cry. This is crazy. Momma this is crazy.

The raccoon then jogs over to the body and attempts to rescusitate its friend. Scenes savagely reminiscent of [SPOILER ALERT] The Lion King when Simba tries to revive his fallen father, Mufasa after his brother Scar betrays and murders him in broad daylight.


Could this really be a case of mourning, or does the raccoon have an itch in its eye? Wildlife Animal Control says raccoons are believed to be some of the smartest animals on the planet thanks to their ‘incredibly huge brains.’ That raccoons are very complicated in nature, having more wits about them than an average toddler, especially when it comes to thinking fast.

‘Raccoons are always loyal to their families and environment, they are often solitary animals that can be found close to garbage cans and can be very aggressive too, especially when they move in large groups,’ they write. ‘Raccoons are known to knock down bicycle riders and even take their foods. Raccoons are also intelligent in the way they raise their litters.’

Can they identify death? Process the gravity that comes with a car collossion? Carry the weight of immortality? I guess we’ll never know for sure. But boy it doesn’t look promising.

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