Hench ‘Ghost’ Comes Back From Dead And Hits Gym


When you’re actually a ghost but don’t let that get in the way of your gains.

This footage allegedly shows a hench phantom pumping iron at an outdoor gym in Chile, The Mirror reports.

One man has claimed to have spotted the beast of a ghost fitting a late night session in at a park in Pica, northern Chile, which – plot twist – is close to a graveyard.


The invisible juggernaut is ‘seen’ vigorously using the chest incline machine, trying to get his ghostly pecs popping for summer.

It’s not clear what is actually happening, but UFO Hunter Robinson Riveros was quick to insist that the footage was 10/10 legit, saying he’d spoken to the person who filmed the clip and that he’d analysed it, reassuringly adding: “I assure you this is no trick.”

At this point we can only hope the phantom gym goer is as enthusiastic about leg day…