Here Are Five Gross Things People Found Living Inside Their Bodies

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Here’s something disgusting to get your week off to a flying start.


Turns out our bodies can play host to an assortment of bizarre and unusual items. This post is a warning about some of those disgusting items.

If you’re eating you might want to come back later:

1) The Pea That Started Growing In A Man’s Lung

Merrily Lunsford:Cape Cod TimesMerrily Lunsford:Cape Cod TimesMerrily Lunsford/Cape Cod Times

In an unusual case from Massachusetts, back in 2010 a man was taken to hospital with a bad cough and shortness of breath.

Ron Sveden, a lifelong smoker, was convinced he was about to be told he had lung cancer, but when doctors started operating to discover the cause of his pain, they found a bean sprout instead. Obviously.

Apparently Sveden had inhaled a pea and it had become stuck in his lung, where it sprouted. They only need a certain amount of moisture and warmth to believe they’re actually in soil, and start growing.

A good a reason as any to kick that destructive pea snorting habit.

2) The Nose Leech

Caters BBCCaters BBCCaters/BBC

A Scottish woman was shocked to discover a leech living in her nose. As you understandably would be.

Daniela Liverani started to have regular nosebleeds, so she visited her doctor. She had presumed the symptoms were to do with a motorcycle accident she’d recently been involved in. Wrong.


One morning she caught sight of something slithering out the end of her nose, and she discovered the real source of the problem – a leech had been living up there for a month, since it decided to move in during a trip to Cambodia.

Caters BBC 2Caters BBC 2Caters/BBC

Doctors spent half an hour removing the offending leech, who Liverani decided to name ‘Mr Curly’, as the creature decided it really liked living in her nose and didn’t want to leave.

3) Squid Sperm Surprise


Another reason to never eat live squid.

A 63-year-old woman in South Korea felt a sharp prickling sensation in her mouth after eating a live squid. She thought nothing of it, but when the pain didn’t disappear she went to the doctors.

It was here that she was given the news no one wants to get – the squid had inseminated her mouth with its sperm.

The squid hadn’t been boiled enough, so when she bit into it released a whole load of squid jizz into her mouth to look for a female squid.

4) The Feather That Grew Out Of A Baby’s Neck

Travis Morisse:The Hutchinson NewsTravis Morisse:The Hutchinson NewsTravis Morisse/The Hutchinson News

7-month-old Mya Whittington from Kansas was taken to hospital by her parents after she started to suffer from a swollen neck.

Doctors were convinced she was suffering from a swollen gland so they dosed her up on antibiotics and sent her on her way. After the swelling got worse they returned to the hospital. It had grown to the size of a golf ball, but this time her parents were told Mya had a staph infection, and to give her even more antibiotics.

All the antibiotics in the world couldn’t stop the real cause of the problem.

Whittington FamilyWhittington FamilyWhittington Family

It turns out baby Mya had a two-inch feather sprouting out of her neck. The doctors spotted it after draining some pus, and started to slowly pull it out. Apparently she must have eaten the feather at some point, as babies are prone to do, and instead of coughing it up her body decided to eject it through her neck, for some bizarre reason.

5) Maggot Mouth


Wow. Just wow.

A young girl in Brazil started complaining about wriggling in her mouth. Never a good sign. When her mother took the 10-year-old to the dentist they discovered that her gums were crawling with maggots.


Unfortunately, it’s not that uncommon either. There’s a term for finding a shit-tonne of maggots in your mouth – oral myiasis. If you have bad oral hygiene and sleep in a place where bugs can access your face, be prepared to potentially find maggots moving in.

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