Here’s How To Play Facebook Messengers New Secret Game


Excellent news for people who love social media but hate talking to their friends, Facebook have hidden another secret game in their Messenger app.  

Even better unlike last time, where the secret game was disappointingly chess, this new way to waste time may be a game you’d actually want to play, it’s basketball.

According to The Verge, all you have to do to play is make sure you have the latest version of Facebook Messenger installed, then send a friend the basketball emoji.

basketball emjoApple

Once you’ve sent it simply press the ball, and you’ll be whisked away from your conversation to a simple white screen with a basketball and a hoop.

To start dunking you flick up on your phone and if you manage to sink the the b-ball you’re rewarded with some classic happy emojis, like the raised hands, the thumbs up  or smiley face.

But if you’re shit at the game (like me) and miss the net then you’re stuck with the sad ones. Apparently the aim of the game is to challenge your friend to see who can score the most consecutive goals.

messanger gameFacebook

If you score more than ten baskets in a row the game ups the difficulty by moving the backboard around, like it’s possessed by a ghost from a shit Steven King novel.

No idea what happens if you score more than ten because that was an impossible task for me, but if you’ve managed it please let me know.