Here’s The Astronomical Amount David And Victoria Beckham Pay In Taxes Per Day


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It’s no secret the Beckham’s are earning an absolute shit load, even after David’s retirement, but the amount they pay in taxes – daily – is nothing short of phenomenal. 

The mega-bucks-earning couple must pull in an extortionate amount, if the taxes they paid in 2015 equated to £22,000 a day, Harpers Bazaar reports.

To deal with their many, many business ventures and constant incomings they’ve managed to squeeze out of the Beckham name, they set up a company called Beckham Brand Holdings.

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In 2015, their corporation made a not-too-shabby £47.2 million over the course of the year.

High-flying posh’s fashion-line is undeniably a huge success, pulling in for the wealthy couple £36.9 million, with David’s image rights adding up to an unbelievable £10.2 million alone.

Sky News reported the super-rich couple raked in a staggering £39.5 million in total, with their tax figure reaching £7.9 million for that year.

The world-famous duo obviously felt they needed an injection of cash on top of their 2014 earnings, in which they made a comparatively meagre, £10 million.

The huge jump in earnings is thought to be down to the boom in Victoria’s fashion business, which just keeps on growing.

This year, the fashion-guru is planning a huge fashion announcement with US clothing label Target, but her ongoing collaboration with make-up giant Estee Lauder will certainly help give the purse-strings a boost…

Clearly the couple’s cleverly marketed brand is only going to get bigger and better…

There is absolutely no stopping them.