Here’s The Present You Get From YouTube For Getting 10 Million Subscribers


Everyone knows someone who tried to set up a YouTube account and get loads of followers to become a viral sensation, before inevitably giving up after two weeks because they didn’t have 50 million subscribers.

Well for the select few that actually managed to make it, the online video platform has a very special present.

Remember Gangnam Style? That ridiculously catchy and annoying Korean song that took over the world in 2012?

YouTubeYouTube/ officialpsy

Psy, the mind behind the song, has just received a ‘diamond play button’ for his account hitting 10 million subs.

The button isn’t actually made out of diamonds, obviously, but it is a hefty chrome trophy that would take centre stage on any person’s mantlepiece.

Psy isn’t the first celebrity to get this accolade, with some even getting their own bespoke trophy for hitting 50 million subs.

But Psy’s signature song remains the most watched video of all time on the site, with nearly 3 billion views.

Even his latest videos have tens of millions of views, so he’s clearly doing something right.

As though the top YouTubers don’t get enough money for their painfully easy jobs – OK, some of them have talent – YouTube has to send them something else to unbox on camera and brag about while continue watching.

YouTubeYouTube/ PopularMMOs

As we all sit here and contemplate our career choices, let’s just remember what could’ve been if that person you knew had stuck with their channel.

Maybe it’s time to dust off the old camera again?