Here’s What ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Is Doing Next

Dr Phil

In September last year the world was introduced to viral sensation and supposed car thief Danielle who challenged the world to ‘cash me outside’. 

In case you don’t remember memes like we do, 13-year-old Danielle appeared on Dr Phil, a slightly more credible version of Jeremy Kyle, with her mother who was desperate to stop her daughter from stealing cars.

Unfortunately for Danielle the audience found her antics entertaining rather than shocking and she lashed out at them, shouting: ‘Catch me outside, how about that?’ Due to Danielle’s thick accent though it sounded like ‘cash me outside’.

In that moment a new spicy meme was born and the Internet began pumping out ‘cash me outside’ memes with industrial efficiency.

Here’s a few examples which have been certified for dankness…


Of course Internet fame is a fickle mistress and only a few weeks someone caught her outside and Danielle claims the show’s producers have ruined her life.

Now Dr Phil’s going to try and fix the troubled teen’s life.

Can Phil help her let’s hope so!

Good luck Phil you’ll need it.