Here’s What Happened at Donald Trump’s Ask Me Anything


Ask Me Anything threads are very rarely a good idea – especially if you’re the potential next President of the United States.

However, when you’re The Donald, then you don’t tend to play things by the book – preferring to moderate the fuck out of your AMA rather than actually answering the awkward questions, reports The Telegraph.

For example, instead of actually holding the AMA on the AMA page, Monsieur Trump decided to hold the frantic questionnaire on his own Reddit fan page, The_Donald. Yep, things already seem a bit fishy.


But things get even more totalitarian when Trump and/or his cronies started deleting copious amount of questions and even banning certain users who chose to query Trump’s tax returns:

Oh dear…


But even when he was answering questions, his highly-scripted answers lacked a fuck-ton of detail.

Speaking about voter fraud and NASA, Trump said:

On ‘dishonest media’:

On Hillary Clinton:

The lack of detail in some of his top answers led some to even compare his AMA to Obama’s back in 2012:

The AMA’s moderators later added to the pretty intense level of censorship, warning that troublemakers would be banned from the subreddit and troll comments removed.

They said:

For this AMA we have temporarily taken extra security measures to keep our community free from troublemakers. We built the wall 10ft taller, you might say. We mean it when we say we’ll throw anyone over our walls who fails to behave themselves.

FaceThumb trumpFlickr

Well that’s fucking terrifying.

Next month, Trump and his cronies will be moderating our thoughts too, throwing free thinkers over the wall…

If Orwell was alive today he’d have a ruddy field day.