Here’s What MySpace Tom’s Up To Now


For most of us, MySpace Tom was our first friend on social media.

The smiling man in a white t-shirt, peering over his shoulder had our backs since 2003 when he guaranteed we’d have someone in our top eight friends.

Now that his profile photo is one of the most prolific on the Internet, Tom has decided to stay behind the camera and is now a landscape photographer.

Tom Anderson, now 46, sold Myspace to Rupert Murdoch for $580 million in 2005, and since 2009 has been retired.

When asked why he still wouldn’t get a new photo, Tom replied…

The former entrepreneur’s retirement has been the stuff of dreams, travelling to the most beautiful places and taking photos.

He seems to spend a lot of time in Hawaii, but is always jet setting around the world.

Tom is a very talented photographer, and he definitely quit Myspace when he was ahead.

Now it is nothing but a badge of honour that ageing millennials use to remember their youth.