Here’s Who Was Really Behind The ‘Hollyweed’ Prank

by : UNILAD on : 27 Dec 2016 17:03

Much to Snoop Dogg’s delight, the famous Hollywood sign was doctored on New Year’s Day to read ‘Hollyweed’.


The pranksters who made the change were artists Zach Fernandez who’s known as ‘JesusHands’ and his ex-wife, who have been planning the antic for a couple of months.

They carried out the $35 stunt in an effort to make people laugh at the end of a pretty bleak 2016 – as good a reason as any.


Speaking to Buzzfeed, Zach said:


It was something to smile and laugh out loud about.

Just lift their spirits and let them live because 2016 was a crazy year, dude.

They went in the early hours of the morning and ‘literally were sewing stuff the day of’, saying, ‘It was so fun and exhilarating’.

Miley Cyrus was also very pleased with the change, saying ‘Fuck yeah! Hollyweed!’.

Some fun sponges of the world (The Hollywood Sign Trust) have launched an investigation into vandalism of the sign, however Officer Liliana Preciado said the ‘sign was not vandalized in any way’ as the artist just placed plastic covers on top of it.

Fernandez said he used 20 clamps and sheets in order that the historical sign would not be damaged.

The artist said the modification was a nod to Daniel Finegood who scaled Mount Lee on New Year’s Day in 1976 with $50 worth of curtains to change it to Hollyweed.


He had no idea the amount of attention his little prank would garner and hopes he can ‘just do art and barter’ without getting into any trouble.

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