Hero Dad Scales High-Rise Building To Save His Son

Dad climbs building to save sonAsiaWire

A father risked his own life to save his son by scaling a high-rise building with no equipment.

The boy, aged seven, can be seen clinging for his life on the side of the building on the eighth floor.

The heart-stopping incident took place in the afternoon yesterday, August 15. According to local news reports the son was left at home by himself and was found in the precarious situation after he thought burglars were trying to break into the apartment.

The boy’s mother, who’s only been identified as Huang, said she returned home after dropping her daughter off at summer school, only to find her son clinging on to metal bars, which serve as covers for each home’s air-conditioning unit, outside of their apartment.

A panicked Huang, who lives in the Nanhai Wanke Jinse Jiayuan residential area – which is in the Foshan’s Guicheng district in South China’s Guangdong province – called her husband who was at work, before calling the police.

By the time the police arrived the boy’s father had already returned home and was making his way down the side of the building according to Policeman, Wu Jiang.

Dad climbs building to save sonAsiaWire

The dad used the same eighth-floor window, which is the equivalent of a seven-storey building in the UK, and was able to reach his son in a matter of minutes.

The footage of the father’s heroic deed was recorded by one of the witnesses at the scene. The recording shows the man hanging on for dear life with his right hand while trying to push his son upwards to safety with his left.

The dramatic rescue is finally over when he hands his young son over to Officer Wu and others waiting inside. He also got himself to safety via the same window.

Dad climbs building to save sonAsiaWire

The boy’s mother explained:

I usually take care of our son and daughter, but I very rarely leave them at home alone.

When taking my daughter to school, I noticed my son still sleeping and didn’t want to wake up, so I left him at home.

Local police would not confirm if there was any evidence pointing to an alleged break-in.

This year, on May 28, a similar situation took place in Paris, France. 22-year-old Mamoudou Gassama went viral after he scaled a Parisian apartment building to rescue a child dangling from a fourth-floor balcony.

Gassama rescued the four-year-old from the ledge of an apartment block in Paris’s multi-ethnic 18th Arrondissement, where he worked his way up to the fourth floor in less than a minute. He managed to grab the child and get him to safety before firefighters arrived, while a crowd below cheered him on.

The boy’s father had reportedly left his child in the apartment and was out playing Pokemon Go! when the event took place. The father has been told to appear in court in December, where he could face up to two years in prison for failing to care for a child under French Law.

His heroic efforts captured the hearts of the people of France. As well as meeting President Emmanuel Macron and being granted honorary French citizenship, Gassama was offered a job with the Paris Fire Brigade.

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