Hilarious Cinema Voicemail Blunder Is More Entertaining Than An Actual Film

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 02 Sep 2021 19:23

Someone has shared a New Zealand cinema’s voicemail, and the customer got much more comedy value than they anticipated.

A moviegoer had called the Timaru-based Movie Max cinema to be greeted with an accidentally hilarious voicemail.


On the other end of the phone, a Movie Max employee was evidently tasked with recording the message for its phoneline, but didn’t delete the parts of the message in which they cocked up what they were saying.

Now, we all know recording the perfect voicemail greeting takes a few attempts, and this guy is the perfect example of that.

He can be heard saying, ‘Hello and thank you for calling Movie Max Digital cinemas, Timaru.’

Movie Max Digital (NZ Film Society) NZ Film Society

Things were going well for the employee until he messed up the part where he informed customers when the cinema would reopen and murmurs to himself in frustration, ‘F*ck you.’

Rather than deleting his first attempt and starting the recording again, the guy proceeds to read the message from the beginning.

He’s slightly more successful on his second attempt, but eventually messes up again and says, ‘For f*ck’s sake’.

It isn’t until his fourth attempt that he successfully completes the transcript for the voicemail greeting, but by this point callers would have probably been too entertained by the rest of the message to remember what they were phoning for in the first place.


Listen here:

Reddit user u/jackblackandkyle shared the clip online with the caption, ‘Called the local cinema and this happened…’

The post, shared just six hours ago, has already been upvoted nearly 12,000 times and has generated dozens of comments with many people empathising with the poor guy.


One person wrote, ‘I’ve been there – my coworkers would always throw stuff at me when I was recording my out of office message. Took me like 7 times, and had to write it down on a stickie and read it.’

Another person commented:

I simply cannot function if someone in the room tries to talk to me while I’m making a phone call. A coworker kept trying to talk to me while I was waiting for the other side to pick up, when they answered I said, “Hi this is [town name] calling from [my name] hospital”. Person on the other end was like… what? Coworker still roasts me for it.

Meanwhile, another person said of the voicemail greeting, ‘I cant see any possible way to make this message better. Entertaining and conveyed the proper information a couple of times.’


While some suggested the guy will have lost his job, I’d have personally given him a raise.

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    Called the local cinema and this happened…