Hilarious Footage Shows School Board Fall For One Of Bart Simpson’s Best Pranks


Hilarious Footage Shows School Board Fall For One Of Bart Simpson’s Best PranksHenrico Schools/20th Television

A Virginia school board fell for a Bart Simpson special at its latest meeting.

Around three hours into its agenda on August 24, having discussed COVID-19 and other serious issues, the Henrico School Board moved to remarks and questions from the public.


One person stood up to address the board, before the chairman read out other names supposedly waiting to come forward. Unfortunately, ‘Phil McCracken’ didn’t show up, nor did the others.

While Mike Hunt didn’t make an appearance at all on the list, there were plenty more, handily explained by ‘Machine Pun Kelly’ (@KellyScaletta) for those who can’t quite make the names out.

‘Phil McCraken (fill my crack in). Suck Mahdick (suck my d*ck). Ophelia McCaulk (Oh, feel ya’ my c*ck.) Eileen Dover (I leaned over). Don Kedick (donkey d*ck.) Wayne Kerr (w*nker),’ he wrote.


The video has been viewed nearly six million times, with more than 253,000 likes and thousands wondering how they didn’t notice the intent behind the names. ‘I’m wondering how ‘suck my d*ck’ was written so that it wasn’t so obvious,’ one user wrote.

Others commented the names of those who clearly missed the memo. ‘So Pat McGroyn, Mike Hunt, Seymour Heinie, Anita Dick, Pierre Pantz, Heywood Jablomi, Harry Balzac, Anya Neeze, Ben Juergen Hoff, Betty Humpter, Eaton Beavers, and Ollie Tabooger stayed home?’ one wrote.

‘Hugh Jass will be speaking after a brief intermission, followed by Oliver Closeoff, and Jack Mehoff,’ another tweeted.


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