Hilarious Video Breaks Down Everything Wrong With Online Prank Videos

prank 2GradeAUnderA

A hilarious video’s been released online pointing out everything that’s wrong with prank videos.

The crudely animated cartoon by GradeA UnderA, is a comprehensive break down of everything the animator hates about prank videos. This includes clickbait titles, unfunny innuendo and general twatish behaviour.

The video’s creator perfectly sums up his opinion on prank videos, saying, ‘pranks on You Tube are purely about being a wanker in public’.

However the cartoon’s main point is that a lot of prank videos are actually quite racist and seem to intentionally antagonise black people. GradeA UnderA claims that pranksters target black people because they have ‘better reactions’ which equals more views on a video and consequently more money.

The short cartoon also hints that some online  pranksters may in fact fake their videos for cash.

Sam Pepper, a You Tube prankster, recently came under fire for his controversial prank video where he pretended to execute a friend.