Hill ‘Glows Like Lava’ As Bushfires Ravage Area Three Times Size Of Wales

by : Emily Brown on : 06 Jan 2020 11:55
Hill 'Glows Like Lava' As Bushfires Ravage Area Three Times Size Of WalesHill 'Glows Like Lava' As Bushfires Ravage Area Three Times Size Of WalesMelissa Ericksen‎/Facebook

A hill in Australia appeared to transform into a lava-spewing volcano as flames swept across it amid the bushfire crisis that has ravaged an area three times the size of Wales. 

Balmattum Hill, in Euroa, Victoria, glowed an angry red when the sun went down on Saturday, January 4, after dozens of bushfires broke out across its slope.


Euroa resident Melissa Ericksen snapped an image of the menacing sight from a street below, explaining the blazes only became visible after a strong wind cleared away lingering smoke caused by other fires.

Ericksen watched the situation unfold throughout Saturday when 40 fire trucks, three aircraft and three helicopters arrived at the scene to try and limit the damage caused by the flames, news.com.au reported.

Speaking to the publication, Ericksen described Balmattum Hill as a place she knows well, explaining she has walked there ‘all her life’. The landscape had changed dramatically from its usual state, however, and looked instead as though it was ‘covered in lava under the darkness’.


The photographer added:

The photo is beautiful yet terrifying.

Take a look at the image below:

Balmattum Hill is really glowing tonight, however not as much as all of our incredible & selfless emergency services. Thank you 🙏

Posted by Melissa Ericksen on Saturday, January 4, 2020


Ericksen shared the image of the eye-opening sight on Facebook and used it as an opportunity to raise awareness for the efforts firefighters are making to tackle Australia’s bushfire crisis, which has decimated an area three times the size of Wales, claiming the lives of more than 20 people as well as nearly half a billion animals.

Alongside the image, the Euroa resident wrote:

Balmattum Hill is really glowing tonight, however not as much as all of our incredible & selfless emergency services. Thank you.


Ericksen told news.com.au the emergency services did an ‘incredible job’ of containing the blazes on Balmattum Hill and said their hard work prevented any damage to nearby houses.

Though hundreds of firefighters are working tirelessly to tackle the fires, the ongoing hot weather in Australia makes them difficult to contain and extinguish. So far, about 12.35 million acres have burned and more than 1,400 homes have been destroyed.

New South Wales FireNew South Wales FirePA Images

The workers continue to be highly praised for their efforts, though there’s no doubt the seemingly endless work is taking its toll.


One recent viral image showed an exhausted volunteer firefighter catching up on his sleep in his family’s front garden, while another expressed disdain at the lack of action taken by officials and told Australian prime minster Scott Morrison to ‘go and get f*cked’.

The crisis is truly terrifying and those working on the front lines deserve a wealth of praise. Hopefully the firefighters will get some relief soon.

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