Hillary Clinton Just Starred In The Most 2016 Selfie Ever


hillary clinton

Hillary Clinton has just starred in hundreds of selfies that say so much about us all as a generation.

This has been the weirdest Presidential campaign trail in modern history – largely thanks to pretend politician Donald Trump.

But circus politics aside, this bizarre photo of Hillary – who is so millennial she’s one selfie away from turning into a unicorn hologram iPad cover – on the campaign trail has managed to capture 21st century life at its strangest.

Funnily enough, the woman who took the photo – Barbara Kinney, a former Clinton White House photographer – was bemused by the Internet’s reaction to her snap.

Kinney seemed baffled by the concept of something going viral, which just shows how our consumption of media has changed over the years.

The presidential candidates have a long history with the selfie – Obama has nailed it time and time again.

Most recently, the current Mr. President helped George W. Bush take a selfie when the old vet struggled with the touch screen.

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It seems incompetence extends across all aspects of life. So if we’re judging the future Presidents of America and their humanity on their ability to selfie, I’d say there’s a positive trend in Hillary’s favour here.

Hillary’s camp even made a satirical selfie filter inviting you to #TrumpYourself and get a glimpse into the mind’s eye of the moronic but yet oh so dangerous entrepreneur turned politician.

Team Hillary just gets the youth of today, guys.

If this election is going to be won on photo ops and digital savvy, Hillary has it…