Hip Cleavage Is 2018’s Latest Ridiculous Trend

by : UNILAD on : 17 May 2018 15:24
Model Bella Hadid in a bra and high-waisted pantsModel Bella Hadid in a bra and high-waisted pantsbellahadid/Instagram

Have you heard about 2018’s latest trend? Fidget spinners? Nope!  Tide-pods? Get outta here! Supermarket yodellers? What are you, 90? Time for bed, grandpa! 


No, 2018’s latest trend is not a meme nor a laundry detergent. It’s all to do with fashion, as a matter fact. Introducing the ‘hip cleavage’.

So you know about underboob and sideboob and even overboob? Yeah, all that stuff. Well, apparently the boobs have expanded to hips. And no we’re not talking about love handles.

Take Kylie Jenner, for example. Here she is sporting what people are calling ‘hip cleavage.’


And others…

Page Six by all accounts coined the term, writing:

As temperatures climb, so are the cuts of our favourite celebrities’ bathing suits, with stars like Bella Hadid opting for high-leg swimwear the cast of “Baywatch” would love. But are hipbones the new décolletage? You decide.

Personally, I think hipbones are just hipbones. I can’t keep up with these trends. Just a few days ago, it was all about glitter. And not in the way posh students apply it while going to jungle nights.


Check Instagram and you’ll young people doing the ‘glitter butt’, something that was no doubt inspired by the ‘glitter boob’ trend. As a society, there’s no way we can stop it. Either sparkle up your derrière or be consumed by masses of glittered glutes.

I guarantee at this year’s premier music festivals, where most festival goers are far more concerned with taking selfies and coming off a really bad trip than the music, you can expect to see glitter butts at peak velocity.

Now I realise what’s ‘fashionable’ and what’s ‘unfashionable’ is subjective. And each to their own and whatever floats your boat and takes all sorts and all the rest of it. I’m aware of that. We all fall into fashion pitfalls now and then. If applying glitter to your ass is appealing to you, that’s your prerogative. Knock ’em dead.

However, on the flip-side, its hard not be just a little judgemental. I mean glitter is something kids use, for poorly designed birthday and Christmas cards, it’s not clothes.

You know what, go on, just do it – there’s clearly an appeal to dousing your body with glitter which I’m missing. Maybe I’m too old, maybe I’m not confident enough or maybe I just don’t like making a mess (probably the latter), but if it feels right, who am I to criticise?

In an age where we have legions of fans lining up for overpriced, glorified dad sneakers endorsed by someone who makes controversial and leftfield comments about slavery, maybe the glitter trend isn’t the worst thing in the world. People dislike what they don’t know, maybe it’s time I opened up my mind to the world of body glitter.

Until then though, catch me working the skinny denim-jacketed white boy who loves smoking roll-ups and listening to Mac DeMarco and Tame Impala in any city centre dive bar look. Peace!

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