Holly Willoughby Brutally Trolled For Royal Wedding Dress

Harry and Meghan Wedding CarriageGetty

Yesterday, (May 19) the eyes and the ears of the world were on one thing. A wedding. A televised royal wedding absolutely everyone seems to have been obsessing over. 

They’ve lost their minds in a feverish rapture of joy brought on by the royal wedding for some reason or other.

Millions tuned in from across the globe to watch as Harry placed a ring on the finger of his bride-to-be, the now Duchess, Meghan Markle. Others held their own parties.

One such party was held by the family of TV personality and This Morning host, Holly Willoughby – the royal wedding party coincidentally fitted in with Holly’s sister’s and mum’s birthday.

However Holly’s party antics have got her into hot water. Yes, very hot water indeed, according to The Sun.

Posting to Instagram at the family party, the 37-year-old host shared photos of herself attending the party wearing her own wedding dress – for which many accused her of attempting to steal Meghan Markle’s limelight.

Now at first when I saw the pictures I didn’t think anything of it, then I started to think just the act of dressing up in your old wedding dress at a wedding party was a bit weird, but I don’t think Holly’s intentionally trying to steal any sort of limelight.

How could an Instagram post at a family party take the limelight away from a royal wedding – which was attended by thousands and watched by literally millions of people across the globe. She’s a bloody Princess, you can’t take the limelight away from a Princess.


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However many randomers littered the comment section below the image to let Holly know they felt otherwise.

One commented:

I know it was your sis and mums birthday however Why?? It just makes you look like your trying to upstage Meghan Big mistake Huge. [sic]

Another added:

Sorry Holly but it’s not about you.

While a third wrote:

Why are you attempting to overshadow the Royal wedding? There must be a reason for not being picked to present. Accept it.

However Holly’s fans were quick to get behind her.

One fan roared a triumphant:

Why do you nasty people put horrible b*tchy negative comments on here when Holly’s just sharing a lovely photo from a family party…

It’s not like she’s walking down Oxford St with it on. If you don’t like it unfollow her #peaceandlove.

A second added:

Stunning Holly! Brilliantly fun dress code – ignore the haters!

Some people have way too much time on their hands.

Who’s got enough time in the day to either troll or fight against the trollers. Jeez, just have a pint and chill out!

I’m pretty sure she didn’t steal the limelight.

Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan MarklePA

Prince Harry and, the now Duchess, Meghan Markle, were pronounced husband and wife at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle in front of family and friends, including The Queen, Prince Phillip, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles. Co-stars of the show Suits were also present.

The ceremony was officiated by the Dean of Windsor, David Conner, and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who performed the newlywed’s vows.

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