Horrified Mum Hears Ghostly Voice Whispering ‘Help Me’ On Baby Monitor

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Horrified Mum Hears Ghostly Voice Whispering 'Help Me' On Baby MonitorZealousideal-Call-53/Reddit

A mum was left creeped out after someone – or something – seemed to whisper ‘help me’ on her baby camera. 

There’s been a few instances of alleged paranormal activity on social media recently. In February, a father shared a TikTok of his daughter being slowly dragged under the bed while crying out for help. The root of their anguish has yet to be fully confirmed.


Now, over on Reddit, a mother has shared a recording from her baby camera in which you can hear someone sinisterly saying ‘help me’ – is it a spirit, or is it the result of third-party tomfoolery?

Posted by r/Zealousideal-Call-53, the mum wrote: ‘Long story short, I was watching my daughter wave to the camera thinking it was absolutely adorable. (I was busy texting my realtor about a home I planned on buying).’


She added: ‘I take another look at the nanny cam and hear something disturbing. I heard heavy breathing…. and I replayed it again and I swear I could hear someone saying help me.’

At the very start of the clip, you can definitely hear some breathing and ‘help me’, but it’s unclear where it’s coming from as the small child climbs up towards the camera. The mum is also standing at the other side of the room on her phone as the recording unfolds.


As for anything else in the room which may be tricking our brains into thinking we hear something, the mum wrote: ‘No toddler swing, the fan wasn’t on either, nor the tv.’


One user commented: ‘What I find most interesting is I just hear heavy breathing and lots of if that doesn’t match a child or anything but the child sounds like they try to say ‘Help me?’ Questioningly and then they focus on that corner of the room. Very strange indeed.’


However, another speculated: ‘I just can’t help but think of people hacking in and watching you and your child all the time through this… I dislike these cams sooo much because of it. It’s hard to tell if it’s a hack or ghost but creeps me the eff out either way.’

The mum replied: ‘I absolutely wish this was the case. I have two way authentication… and I would have heard it if they were using the speaker oh and they would have had to hack my account.’


She added in another comment: ‘I wish it was faked or someone hacked into my nanny cam… I couldn’t sleep last night and my light bulb randomly exploded. I can’t wait to freaking move.’

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  1. Zealousideal-Call-53/Reddit

    Raise volume up. You will hear something saying “help me.”

Cameron Frew
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