Hotel Guest Took This Spine-Tingling Picture Of Suspected Haunting In His Room

by : UNILAD on : 26 Oct 2015 10:18

One guest at the Sweeney Hall Hotel in Oswestry, Shropshire, saw Halloween come early when he captured a ghost on his camera.


Douglas Patterson, 27, was staying at the manor hotel when he was woken by a light shining through his window.

Now, while most people would probably get up and close the curtains, Patterson decided to take a picture of the dark room, and go back to sleep. As you do?


He found the image of a ‘woman in white’ on the camera – but claims the room was empty when he snapped the shot.


The 27-year-old said:

There was definitely nothing there when I took the picture. I couldn’t work out what the light was so I took picture in the hope that the following morning I could identify what it was.

I could sort of see this shape and I just thought it was a reflection off some furniture – but there was no furniture at that point in the room.

ccccConspiracy Club

That’s not the first time the hotel have received reports of suspicious goings on in the night, but this is thought to be the most compelling ‘evidence’ of the lot.

Manager Lindsay Steele said:

We’ve had reports of furniture knocking, footsteps along the back corridor, but never anything this conclusive before.

I didn’t believe in ghosts at all but I might be converted because it does look like a women in a dress with her hair in a bonnet or a bun – everybody here is convinced.

Quite if there is a ghost remains to be seen, and the chance of it being a naked man’s reflection in a window as he takes a photo from his bed in the pitch black is just as likely.

But we’re open to all ideas.

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