How Faking Being Ill To Skip School Saved This Girl’s Life

by : Hannah Smith on : 22 Nov 2021 17:50
How Faking Being Ill To Skip School Saved This Girl's Life@clutzychick/TikTok

If you’re anything like me, you’ll know what it takes to pull a sicky convincing enough that your parents believe it.

But while one girl didn’t realise it at the time, her attempt to get a day off school ended up saving her own life.


Mary (@clutzychick) was eight years old when she decided to do what pretty much every child has tried at one point in their lives, and faked an illness to avoid having to go to class.


She told her mum she had a ‘sore throat’, which as fake illnesses go is pretty basic, but whether her mum believed her or decided to call her out on the trick, it worked a little too well and ended up with her making a trip to the doctor’s to get a diagnosis.

As Mary explains however, whether through manifestation or something else, during the car ride, her sore throat got worse, as she grew increasingly thirsty and had to stop four times to get something to drink.


Once she got to the doctors, things quickly began to escalate.

TikToker reveals fake illness diagnosis (@clutzychick/TikTok)@clutzychick/TikTok

‘The doctor weighed me and said he needed to run a test because I was severely underweight,’ she recalls through the medium of the TikTok Grace Kelly challenge.

‘My blood sugar was at an extremely dangerous level, [they] rushed me to the hospital, and diagnosed me with diabetes.’


As Mary explained in her captioned, she ended up getting several weeks off school following her diagnosis, meaning her fake sore throat actually may well have saved her life.

Her TikTok video received more than five million views, with several viewers taking to the comments to compare their own diabetes diagnosis stories, with extreme thirst being one of the most common symptoms among young type 1 sufferers.

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