Hugh Jackman Responds Perfectly To Ryan Reynolds’ Non-Stop Twitter Trolling

by : UNILAD on : 09 May 2018 19:41
Hugh Jackman Responds Perfectly To Ryan Reynolds' Non-Stop Twitter TrollingHugh Jackman Responds Perfectly To Ryan Reynolds' Non-Stop Twitter TrollingGood Morning America/Twitter

You’ve gotta be blind, deaf, dumb, or more likely dead if you’ve missed Ryan Reynold’s relentless Twitter trolling campaign against Hugh Jackman over the past few weeks.

Reynolds has been more dedicated than Daniel Day Lewis preparing for a role – spending 35 years in a Gulag for his next independent film or so – in his brutish lambasting of the Aussie actor at every opportunity possible.


The 2018 battle between Wolverine and Deadpool all seemed to begin on April 11, when Jackman posted a heartfelt message to his partner Deborra-lee Furness on Twittter.

In it, he wrote: 

I believe in life we need to see and truly be seen by the most important people in our lives. Deb, from day one, we had that. 22 years later … it only gets deeper. You and the kids are the greatest gift I will ever receive. I love you a gazillion times around the world.


Reynolds responded:

I gave this 3 months. Tops. I was wrong.

And then of course – there was the Deadpool interference with Jackman’s birthday message.


Re-familiarise yourself with it here:

The short video, which begins with Jackman clad in a dressing gown explaining how busy he is, is quickly taken over by Reynolds lying on what looks like a hotel bed, dressed head to toe as Deadpool, singing along to Tomorrow.

It’s quite the video.


More specifically Jackman says:

I’m really really busy doing… stuff… and [joining in with Reynolds] your bottom dollar that, yeah. Yeah don’t give him too much attention. That’s why I can’t be there. Have a great birthday.

He then dives into a fitting rendition of the Baha Men classic Who Let The Dogs Out.

Finally – Jackman has hit back at Reynolds, leaving him a message yesterday on Good Morning America.


Specifically, Jackman said:

Ryan, I love you man. I love Deadpool. I can’t wait to see the movie, you’re one of my best friends. Blake, the fam, the whole thing.

But back it up a little. Play a little hard to get. It’s too much — It’s not sexy.

Jackman also tweeted Reynolds a short mock video of himself praising Deadpool 2 as a work of genius.

In the video he says:

Okay, alright, I’ll only say this once, and then delete it. Really quickly. Deadpool 2 is a work of genius. It is epic. It is… I can’t believe I just said that.

All aboard the banter bus.

I can’t imagine it’ll be long until Reynolds responds…

2018’s been a weird one so far for Reynolds. He’s about to releasing the hotly-anticipated Deadpool 2 and been fending off private life prods from the press.

He and Lively have found themselves having to address split rumours recently, with media reports suggesting they’re struggling ‘to find quality time together’ because of their work schedules.


A source ‘close to the pair’ is reported to have told OK! Magazine they’re heading towards a divorce, even though it’s been proven they’re absolutely not.

I guess all we can do is sit back, relax, and hope that this beautiful camaraderie between Reynolds and Jackman won’t be going away anytime soon. I can’t imagine it will.

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