Iconic Meme Video Removed By YouTube After 14 Years For ‘Violence’

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Iconic Meme Video Removed By YouTube After 14 Years For ‘Violence'PWee28/YouTube

Ah f*ck YouTube, I can’t believe you’ve done this.

There’s a very particular subset of archaic clips in the meme hall of fame. They aren’t necessarily all the same when you whittle them down to the specifics – but spiritually, they’re all aligned.


‘Way to go, Paul’ at the hockey game. ‘What the f*ck, Richard’ after he launches the frisbee. ‘Nice, Ron’ after he has the gall to sneeze and scare the deer. ‘Fenton, Fenton, FENTON’ as a man chases his dog across the field. On the top spot, there’s ‘Ah f*ck, I can’t believe you’ve done this’.

Paul Weedon uploaded the original video to YouTube 14 years ago. It opens with him talking to the camera, removing a pair of shades. ‘So basically… what I was thinking of was… um.’

Then, out of nowhere, he gets punched in the face. With a face of seething rage and somehow sort of calm, he responds, ‘Ah f*ck, I can’t believe you’ve done this.’


It’s a legendary video. But despite it not being in anyway graphic, YouTube unceremoniously removed it for being in violation of its violence policy.

‘I got an email from YouTube late last night informing me that it had been taken down because it had violated their ‘violent or graphic content’ policy, which seemed a bit mad after all this time,’ he told VICE.

‘I’d maybe understand it if the video was new, but it’s been on YouTube for over a decade. At that point you’d have thought they’d have flagged that there was an issue with it and dealt with it.’


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Weedon appealed the removal, but YouTube upheld it. ‘I’m just sort of bewildered by the whole thing, but more than anything I’m just frustrated that a bunch of re-uploads of it are still allowed to stay online while mine has been taken down,’ Weedon added.

YouTube has since restored the clip and apologised for the ‘mistake’. It’s still unclear why it was deemed too violent under the company’s guidelines.

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    YouTube Removes Legendary Meme Video After 14 Years for ‘Violence’