If You Can Find Your Name In This Puzzle You’re One Of Smartest People In World

Ymblanter Via Wikimedia

People have been left scratching their heads over a new puzzle doing the rounds on social media, which if you can complete apparently proves that you’re a real clever clogs. 

The puzzle, which challenges you to find your name, has been baffling people all over the web despite your name being in the puzzle three times, The Mirror reports.

According to TryLife, who created the fiendish puzzle, if you can solve it you’re in the top eight per cent of people in the world which would make you one of the smartest people on the planet.

And people waste money getting degrees and doctorates to prove they’re smart? Don’t they know that social media is changing the world!

Can you solve it?

We’re pretty confident that our audience is full of geniuses so we’ve no doubt you’ve solved it by now, but just in case here’s the answers for all of you who maybe struggled a little bit.

Here you go…

In case you didn’t get it you weren’t looking for your own name (i.e. Jamie, Joe or Neelam) you were looking literally for ‘your name’.

And you thought the dog crossword was hard!