If You Can Solve This Maths Question You’re A Genius Apparently



If like me you despised maths at school then feel free to bunk off this particular story but if numbers get you hot and bothered then sit down, class is in session. 


According to Brightside if you can solve the maths question below, a question that breaks all mathematical rules, you may be a genius.

Lets see if you can wrap your brain around it…


Worked it out yet? No? Then allow me to explain why you may be struggling. The problem is that you’re thinking to laterally and focusing on the ‘big number’.


Instead you should break the number up into several smaller ones and then put the big number together at the end.

The actual answer’s really simple, basically every number after the equals sign represents the results of three sums formed by multiplying, adding, and subtracting the two numbers before the equals sign.

Understand? Maybe this’ll help?


You can them apply the same rule to all the equations after this to solve the rest.

So did you work it out? To be honest I’m not sure it makes you a genius but it definitely shows out of the box thinking.