Incredible Footage Shows Woman Flawlessly Playing The Flute And The Piano At The Same Time

by : Daniel Richardson on : 15 Jul 2021 15:34
Incredible Footage Shows Woman Flawlessly Playing The Flute And The Piano At The Same Timeu/BeaulahNolette/Reddit

Footage of Sunny Baik playing the piano and flute at the same time in the University of Florida has gone viral.

Multi-tasking is difficult. Whether it’s washing the dishes and cooking dinner at the same time or something more complex, it often ends in disaster. Nonetheless, some people have incredible skills.


A Reddit post on the group r/nextfuckinglevel shows a woman whose accompanying pianist hadn’t shown up for a recital. Rather than rearrange the performance for another day, Baik decided to play the two instruments at the same time.

Check out the post below:

The video is captioned:


Her accompanist didn’t show up so she’s out here playing piano and flute at the same time oh my lord the legend herself: Sunny Baik.

However, some have argued whether this incident was improvised or whether this had been practised for the performance.

One Reddit user wrote:

The fact that the piano part is played exclusively one-handed, which is incredibly unlikely in a piece written for two.

This was almost certainly written to be played this way by her, and she probably spent months or years rehearsing to pull it off. Which I think is far more impressive than the “other person didn’t show up” bs that someone knew would be more popular on social media.


The video has thousands of upvotes, with one person commenting, ‘Putting effort into anything is amazing. Especially these days. It’s a quality that is getting lost more and more.’

Whether this piece was pre-rehearsed or not, it is an incredibly impressive performance that has amazed thousands of people.

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  1. r/nextfuckinglevel/Reddit

    When you can’t rely on others so you play the flute and piano at the same time.