Incredible Heart-Thumping Footage Shows Man Outrunning An Avalanche

by : Cameron Frew on : 10 Dec 2019 08:39
Incredible Heart-Thumping Footage Shows Man Outrunning An AvalancheBryon Howard/Facebook

A Canadian man managed to film the pulse-pounding moment he outran an avalanche plummeting down a mountain. 

Bryon Howard, of Calgary, Alberta, was out enjoying a tranquil run along Lakeshore Trail high up on a mountain at the scenic Lake Louise on Friday, December 6.


At around 5pm, however, danger emerged from the peace and quiet: soon, Mother Nature sent tons of snow ploughing towards the trail.

Check out the incredible footage below: 


Howard captured the video on his mobile phone, jogging away while keeping the camera on the rushing snow behind him.


Naturally, the Canadian is stunned in the clip, saying: ‘Wow it’s crazy! Wow! Wow! Avalanche into Lake Louise. Just wild!’

Man Outruns Avalanche 5Bryon Howard/Facebook

He posted the video on Facebook – which has now been viewed more than 10,000 times – with the caption: 

Running at Lake Louise yesterday when I got a surprise to find myself engulfed by snow drift… the tailings of an avalanche. I was up relatively high on the trail and really didn’t feel the snow could ‘swallow’ me. I ran ‘away’ pretty hard anyway!


Howard had been out running with his wife, daughter and son when the avalanche hit – thankfully, they were all further back on the trail and out of its path.

Man Outruns Avalanche 6Bryon Howard/Facebook

Recalling the moment in more detail, Howard told CBC

I looked over my shoulder, I kind of heard something, and there was an avalanche heading my way. I felt as if there was no way that avalanche can get me, because you know, it has to come off the side of the mountain onto the lake on the other side – which is about 100 metres from where I am… but as it was coming closer and closer I thought, oh, I’d better run.


His son Jacob was much further back, near the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, when he heard the ‘huge cracking’ sound of the avalanche. ‘It was crazy. It just kind of filled the area with snow,’ he said.

Once the snow settled, he quickly realised his dad was absolutely fine – so he took some photos and nipped back to the chateau. ‘Thanks, Jacob, for your concern,’ his dad said with a chuckle.

Man Outruns Avalanche 7Bryon Howard/Facebook

While he’d never experienced anything like it before, Howard said he’ll definitely be more cautious in future.


Howard added: 

I do have a new appreciation for… how quickly it can come upon you and how unexpectedly it can come.

After reporting the incident to Avalanche Canada, its bulletin on Sunday, December 9, stated there was moderate danger along the treeline, with considerable danger at higher elevations.

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